Lawmakers criticize Trump's tweets about Russia investigation

WASHINGTON -- Democrats and Republicans alike decried President Trump's tweet about the Russia investigation on Capitol Hill Friday.

"It certainly sounds like the president is adding Rod Rosenstein to the enemy's list along with Bob Mueller and James Comey and an ever increasing number of people," Sen. Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, said.

Top Democrats warned Mr. Trump against a power grab on Friday.

"What really concerns me that the president is attacking his own deputy attorney general who appointed the special counsel. I think it would be an absolute disaster if the president were to move forward and fire the special counsel," Sen. Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, said.


Sen. Mark Warner

CBS News

Rosenstein told senators this week that only he can fire special counsel Mueller -- and he won't.

"I appointed him. I stand by that decision," Rosenstein said.

Some Republicans do fear that Mueller's probe could metastasize, the way Kenneth Starr's did during President Bill Clinton's time in office.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said: "Bob Mueller is a good and honorable man, but I certainly hope that the appointment of a special counsel doesn't turn into a fishing expedition."

But Republicans also worry that Mr. Trump is giving Mueller more material to investigate all the time.

"I will say candidly the president and federal government generally, I think, would be better off generally with fewer tweets," said Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican from Pennsylvania.

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