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Lawmaker pushes bill to require cursive writing in schools

In the current technology age, an Indiana lawmaker is trying to preserve an old-fashioned way of communication.

The Associated Press reported that the Indiana Senate's education committee is discussing a bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Jean Leising that would require Indiana schools to teach cursive writing.

In 2011, the state's Department of Education discontinued the cursive writing requirement in the school curriculum.

"I have a blackberry, an iPad, a laptop, and I still have a yellow notepad on my desk," Leising told CBS News. "And sometimes I am scribbling a note while I'm on one of the others at the same time. And I expect that when I hand that yellow note to someone that they are, in fact, going to be able to read it, because I do write legibly. I think that it's a problem that we're gonna create."

According to the AP, the Indiana Senate endorsed comparable legislation in 2012, but it didn't go far in the House.

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