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Latest on Anthrax: More Contamination Found Over the Weekend

The nation is still reeling from anthrax delivered by mail. So far, 13 cases have been confirmed, eight of them the serious inhalational form of the disease. And Diana Olick reports that now anthrax has been found in an off site mailroom for the Justice Department.

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card is urging Americans to stay on the alert.

"There may be other letters that are stuck in the system with the, I mean, at the Capitol right over my shoulder or maybe down at the White House," he said. "But we are working hard to make sure that any contamination is confined and that we can deal with it."

Health officials are still testing congressional office buildings, three of which remain closed. And for the first time in decades, the Supreme Court will convene today in a DC circuit courtroom, all that while the US Postal Service tries to do damage control.

"There are a lot of suppositions, and we're not in the investigative side of the business," says Deputy Postmaster General John Nolan. "What we're doing is making sure that we're doing all the right things to make sure that we can deliver mail safely."

To that end, the postal service is spending $40 million to buy eight electron beam devices, which will be used to sanitize the mail. Those devices will go to Washington, DC, first.

In Washington over the weekend fellow workers joined in a funeral procession for the second postal employee who died of anthrax, while in Trenton, New Jersey, about 35 firefighters started taking antibiotics after one tested positive for anthrax exposure. It was his job to get the mail.

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