Latest Issue Of Taliban's Magazine Released

The 26th issue of the Taliban's online magazine 'Somood' included a variety of articles addressing issues such as Obama's visit to Afghanistan , the new tactics adopted by the Taliban in their fight against coalition forces, the differences between the American and the Russian occupation, as well as an interview with the military commander of the Laghman province.
The editor commented on the remarks made by U.S. presidential nominee Barack Obama, regarding increasing U.S. forces in Afghanistan and said that if Obama was elected president, he should think carefully about his Afghanistan policy and try to draw lessons from the Russians and the British.
The 56-page magazine also featured an interview with the military commander of Langhman province Mulla Abdel Hadi Ben Abdel Hakim. Hakim said that the militants were diversifying the tactics used against coalition forces, between roadside bomb attacks, suicide operations and sometimes launching counter-offensives against coalition forces.