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Latest Gear to Make Trips Easier, More Fun

If you're traveling this summer -- for fun or for business -- your trip could be more enjoyable, and probably easier -- with the help of some products showcased on "The Early Show" Tuesday by Senior Editor David Gregg. There were items meant to appeal to adults, and some for kids.

Balanzza Travel Scale: $25
We all know that travelers are hit with big fees for checking a suitcase that weighs over 50 pounds - anywhere from $25 to $200!! Avoid these fees by weighing your bag yourself before you head to the airport. This handheld device incorporates the scale within the grip, making it simple to lift and easy to read. Innovative patent-pending process lets you lift the bag, wait for a beep, set it down, and read the weight in pounds or kilograms.

Laptop Travel Cases
Targus Zip-Thru Case: $100
Skooba Skin: $35
Though the design and price-point of these items is different, the idea is the same: the bags are created so you do not have to remove your laptop before sending it through the airport security screener; screeners can get a clear picture of the laptop secured in these bags. This keeps the computer protected, while ensuring you won't mistakenly leave it behind! The key is that you can't have anything else in the bag with the computer. The Skooba Skin carries only a computer; the Targus bag unzips in the middle to separate your computer from other items you may be carrying.

Zinetic Pocket Slippers: $25
Zinetic Pocket Slippers are perfect for protecting your feet from the yucky floor of an airplane lavatory or the germs found on the surface of most hotel showers. Weighing only 7.5 oz, these rubber-soled slippers offer a barefoot feel with sole protection. They roll up so you can keep a pair in your pocket, backpack, carry-on suitcase, or glove compartment.

Samsonite Spinner Luggage: $150
David has this suitcase and he loves it. The suitcase has four wheels which can turn 360 degrees. As David will show you, this makes it easier to pull down an airplane aisle or through an airport.

Trunki Suitcase: $50
For kids who love to travel and parents who need help getting the little ones through today's miles of airport corridors comes the Trunki Ride On Suitcase. This colorful suitcase is part luggage, part child mover. Designed for children ages of 3 to 6 years old. It's airline approved for carry on and weighs a mere 3.5 lbs. and stores 5 gallons of stuff. The multi-functional strap un-clips to allow kids to pull their Trunki, be towed or carry it as a shoulder bag.

ETA Luggage Locator: $20
Attach the locator to your suitcase and stash the small remote control in your pocket. When you arrive at baggage claim (or you're looking for your suitcase under a bus, in a crowded hotel storage area, etc), push the button on the remote and listen for the loud BEEP coming from your luggage. A radio frequency (RF) signal seeks out the receiver attached to your luggage so you can rest easy knowing your luggage arrived at its destination long before you even see it.

IdentiGrip by Bucky: $6
This colorful cushion grip wraps around your suitcase handle so you can easily find your bag in a crowd. A hidden window inside holds your contact info or business card. Comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Powermonkey: $69
It can be tough to find a place to plug in your laptop or dying iPod in an airport. Never run out of power again with this innovative emergency charger - for use with mobile phones, iPods, PSPs, digital cameras and more - range of add on adaptors fits different electronic devices. The Powermonkey will deliver a minimum of 40 hours of power to your portable handheld devices.

TomTom XL 340-S: $220
Is it even possible to go on a road trip these days without a GPS?! David likes this particular model because it plots the shortest route not based on the *posted* speed limit, but based on the *actual* average speeds traveled on a road ... In other words, it takes traffic into account. The TomTom also points out where to get the cheapest gas along your rote.

Fisher-Price Portable DVD:$150
A bit pricy, but indestructible! This is a new addition to the Preschool Electronics line. While being kid friendly, it's also parent friendly with high-quality sound and video. The player can also connect to the hotel (or Grandma's!) TV. And yes, it can be used with headphones!

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