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Latest "Big Brother" Evictee's "Shomance" Ends

It's tough enough getting kicked out of the "Big Brother" house. But Kristen Bitting got evicted last night wearing a psychedelic unitard...the result of losing a recent competition.

She changed her clothes in time to talk with "Early Show" co-anchor and "Big Brother" host Julie Chen.

Kristen was in a "showmance" on the program with her fellow nominee Hayden. They were targeted because of their deceit (they kept their romance a secret until they were outed on live TV last week by the previous evicted houseguest, Andrew), plus the fact that as a couple, they were a threat to the rest of the houseguests.

Watch Kristin, a model from Philladelphia, who was voted off of the reality TV show by a vote of 6 to 1, dish on what it was like to find chemistry on the show:


Kristen also spoke in more detail with Chen about her time in the "Big Brother" house and her feelings about housemate Rachel. Kristen is the fourth contestant to be eliminated in Season 12.


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