Last-Minute Campaign Stop: A Funeral Home

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

TRAVERSE CITY, MICH. -- On primary day in Michigan, John McCain campaigned for last-minute votes near a Traverse City voting precinct.

He told reporters he was wearing his lucky sweater from his New Hampshire win and had lucky coins in his pockets too. Perhaps trying to lower expectations, he's not boasting about a win here in Michigan; however, he does feel confident about a South Carolina win this Saturday, no matter what the outcome is here in Michigan.

The morning took a turn and he ended up being led to a funeral home - perhaps not the best metaphor on election day.

After his press conference, McCain was stopped by 51-year-old Republican voter Peg Jonkhoff who told the Senator she had a building down the road. The ever impromptu McCain asked if he could walk down and see it up close. The press scrambled to capture the moment, running down the street, stepping through piles of new snow to get ahead of the senator.

We ended up at a Hannah Home, a beautiful historical building, which now serves as a funeral home. McCain toured the house commenting on its architecture and hearing stories of all the locals who owned the home prior.

Jonkhoff told reporters she was considering voting for Mitt Romney but admitted McCain may have swayed her with his visit this morning.

The trip to a funeral home was a bit surprising for such a superstitious campaign. McCain later joked about the visit in his first rally today, noting he and his wife Cindy got a chance to visit the funeral home while others are dying to get in there.