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Last defendant in Craigslist killing case convicted on all counts

Victim James Sanders KIRO

(CBS/KIRO/AP) TACOMA, Wash. - Clabon Berniard, the last defendant charged in the killing of a man who advertised a ring on Craigslist has been convicted on charges of first-degree murder, second-degree assault and first-degree burglary Monday.

Berniard, 24, will face the equivalent of life in prison when he is sentenced Sept. 9 in Superior Court.

Bernaird claimed he wasn't present during a robbery at 43-year-old James Sanders' home on April 28, 2010, after Sanders advertised a diamond ring on Craigslist.

Prosecutors said Bernaird waited outside before rushing in and finding Sanders' two sons, aged 10 and 14. Sanders' wife, Charlene Sanders, said Berniard was "the mean one" of the group; she said he kicked her in the head as she lay on the ground, held a gun to the back of her head and counted down as though he was going to shoot her, reports CBS affiliate KIRO.

James Sanders was shot and killed in the robbery.

Meanwhile, three others who went to the home pretending to be interested buyers were convicted and sentenced to lengthy terms in prison.