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Last Day of E3 2006

Friday, 3:21pm

Here we are on the last day of E3, and I am standing in THQ booth, with Jeremy Taylor. He is the Brand Manager for Avatar: The Last Airbender which should be out in October 2006. The game is built on the TV show and does not follow season one of the show and does not bridge season one or two. New enemies and new a new story line have been created. The Game can be played linear or the players can just complete the side quest. So far, all platforms and handheld consoles will get this game except for the 360. Check GameCore in the following weeks for the full article.

Friday, 5:00PM PT

So E3 ended about an hour ago and you would think I would have received a few copies of games or something game related. Well so I did but instead I received something even more interesting. That's right I have a new gadget which I used to capture audio for all my interviews this week. This new gadget is the Scandisk new mp3 player named Sansa. Scandisk was showing it off this week at E3. I have to give it to them; it was the best place to show this off and give it a test run. There are 3 different versions of this player, a 2, 4, and 6 GB system. Plus it has a memory expansion slot as well. A great feature is that it has a radio tuner built in so there is no need to buy an extra adapter. There are times that I just want to see what is going in the news so it comes in handy. Plus, in the radio mode, you can record a song that is playing and add it to your music library. Check GameCore in the following weeks for the full article.

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