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Last Comic Standing

Another one-hour finale that really could have been 10 minutes long. But its comedy and you can never laugh too much, I guess!

First, we start off with a monster recap in case we can't remember those shows we've actually been watching! They talk a little with past comics, Stella tells us she has given birth, Joey Gay tells us it was fun, yada yada yada. Let's get on with it.

Theo is the winner of Last Comic Downloaded and Dat Phan, the winner of the first season, graces us with his presence and some comedy, along with ANOTHER recap of HIS season. Come on, enough is enough! But I have to admit the dude is funny.

Alonzo (another LCS winner, season 2) also swings his comedy bat and knocks it out of the park. I am starting to realize this show has produced some very funny people. Jay Mohr, the creator of the show, gives it a run and Ty and Josh make us laugh one more time.

WARNING: Do not drink or eat while watching this show because you will laugh so hard you won't be able to get anything down.

Finally, it has all come down to this: The winner of Last Comic Standing season 4 is Josh Blue! Congrats to both, they were incredible and very funny. I hope this show is back next season.