Las Vegas cab driver finds $300K in back seat

The Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas, where a cab driver making a pickup was shown a brown paper bag in the back seat of his cab that turned out to contain $300,000 in cash.
LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa thought someone left a brown paper bag full of chocolates in the back seat.

Turns out the contents were a lot richer than that.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Gamboa was making a pickup Monday at the Bellagio hotel-casino when a doorman noticed the paper bag in the back of his cab and handed it to him.

At a red light the Checker Cab driver's curiosity got the best of him. The cabbie found six bundles of $100 bills - three-thousand $100s in all - adding up to $300,000.

The newspaper reports Gamboa called his dispatcher and took the money to his company's main office.

Las Vegas police and casino officials managed to link the money to a well-known poker player they declined to identify.

Seems that for keeping the $300,000 he found in Vegas, in Vegas, Gamboa should be in line for a special Christmas tip.