Lara Logan's backstage adventure with Aerosmith

What in the world is it like to hang out with Steven Tyler? Lara Logan dishes for 60 Minutes Overtime

What's Steven Tyler's drink of choice on the road? Nevermind what it used to be. These days, he drinks a daily dose of organic vegetable puree that, according to 60 Minutes producer John Hamlin, "looked like gunk out of someone's drain."

Now that Tyler and his Aerosmith bandmates are in their 60s, these famously debauched rock stars have apparently turned to self-preservation. Better late than never. But Lara Logan, who profiled the band for our broadcast this week, couldn't help but feel that she'd missed out on some of the fun: "I'm here for the organic Aerosmith? Are you kiddin' me? Where's the Tequila Aerosmith?"

But some things never change. Bandmates Tyler and Joe Perry still bicker like brothers. And Steven Tyler is still outrageously entertaining, as you'll see in the second video feature Overtime produced about Aerosmith last March.

What's your take on these aging rockers? Is it time to hang it up and focus on being good grandfathers?