Lara Flynn Boyle In Black

Lara Flynn Boyle hits the big screen as the villainess, Serleena, in the highly anticipated sequel, "Men In Black II." She faces off against returning stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as she struggles to destroy the world. The actress joins The Early Show to discuss the film.

Boyle plays Serleena, an alien monster disguised as a sexy lingerie model. This seductress is the toughest adversary yet to the Jones-Smith duo.

Smith says, "When J meets Lara, he's quite enchanted by her and he sort of goes off-book, specifically with the part of MIB protocol that specifies all witnesses must be debriefed and neuralized. He's attracted to her and he doesn't want to neuralize her because he wants her to remember him."

Boyle explains, "I think he takes an interest in me because of my reaction to the crazy stuff I see happening. And he kind of starts off in the film expressing his loneliness and maybe wishing there was somebody to have a relationship with - not necessarily boyfriend and girlfriend, but just being able to be himself around someone and have a history. When he sees that I don't get freaked out about seeing people turn into starfish or seeing dogs that talk, maybe he thinks, 'Hey, maybe this is someone I could get to know.'"

Serleena takes hostage the headquarters of Men in Black, the government's alien regulation agency. This forces Agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith) to reunite and save the Earth from destruction.

Though Serleena tempts Agent J, she poses an enormous challenge to the MIB's stated mission of protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe. When she is not sexy and beautiful, she is a hideous, neural root creature with frightening ambitions.

Boyle is best known for her work in the popular television series "Twin Peaks" and "The Practice."

Off screen, Boyle has been linked romantically with actors Kyle MacLachlan of "Twin Peaks," David Spade, Jack Nicholson, and Eric Dane. Her mother, Sally Boyle, is her manager.

Fast Facts About Lara Flynn Boyle:

  • 1970:Born in Davenport, Iowa, March 24, 1970 (grew up in a Chicago suburb)
  • 1987: Made TV acting debut as Robert Urich's daughter in the ABC miniseries "Amerika"
  • 1988: Made feature acting debut, "Poltergeist III," moved to Los Angeles with her mother
  • 1989: Played homicide victim Jennifer Levin in the ABC TV-movie "The Preppie Murder"
  • 1989: Had supporting role in "Dead Poets Society"
  • 1990-1991: Portrayed Donna Hayward in the ABC drama series "Twin Peaks"
  • 1991: Cast opposite Judd Nelson in "The Dark Backward"
  • 1992: Reprised her TV role in David Lynch's feature "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me"
  • 1992: First collaboration with Alan Rudolph, "Equinox", opposite Matthew Modine
  • 1993: Had title role in the thriller "The Temp"
  • 1993: Garnered critical praise for her turn as the target of a hit man in John Dahl's "Red Rock West" (aired on HBO)
  • 1994: Starred opposite Matthew Modine in the TNT biblical miniseries "Jacob"
  • 1996: Played a call girl in the 1950s in the noirish "Cafe Society" (premiered on Showtime before its theatrical release)
  • 1997-: Returned to series TV as co-star of the ABC legal drama "The Practice"; cast as assistant district attorney Helen Gamble
  • 1997: Had supporting role in the quadrangular drama "Afterglow", directed by Alan Rudolph
  • 1999: Co-starred in Todd Solodz ensemble comedic drama "Happiness"
  • 2002: Played the chief villainess in "Men in Black 2"; replaced Famke Janssen who withdrew because of family illness