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LAPD reviewing slain fugitive cop's firing

LOS ANGELES Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck says the review of ex-officer Christopher Dorner's firing is under way, but it's too early to comment on the re-examination.

New details of Dorner's final hours

Beck told a press conference Tuesday that he doesn't discount the effect that Dorner's manifesto has had on the reputation of the Police Department.

Dorner, who was black, claimed he was subjected to racism and was targeted for reporting misconduct. He died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot during a mountain cabin siege that followed a spree of violence in which authorities say he killed four people and wounded three.

Beck says he hopes the $1 million reward offered during the manhunt will be paid. But he says it has to be done fairly, whether it goes to one individual or is split among several.

"Not only is this reward the largest in local law enforcement history, it's also one of the most complicated," Beck said, according to CBSLos Angeles affiliate KCAL-TV. "It is my desire that the reward money be used. We generated countless tips because of it. It should be paid out."

Beck also stressed that the families of the officers that Dorner targeted endured unimaginable fear and were forced to hide in their homes until the manhunt ended.

"Yes, we're police officers. We all sign up for something where we're at risk. Our families don't sign up for that, our children don't sign up for that," Beck said.

One couple on Dorner's revenge list, both police officers, told CBS News correspondent John Miller what it was like to be under protection during the manhunt.

Exclusive: Dorner's top targets speak out

"What really made it different for me, and what really drove it home, was that he already acted. He had already killed somebody else's child," said Phil Tingirides. He and his wife Emada have six children.

Dorner is charged with killing Monica Quan, 28, and her 27-year-old fiance, Keith Lawrence. Quan's father, former LAPD officer Randal, represented Dorner in front of a disciplinary board when he was fired. Tingirides was also on that board.

Riverside officer Michael Crain, 34, and San Bernardino Det. Jeremiah MacKay, 35, were both killed during gun battles with Dorner.