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Landing Mr. Right After Age 35

Women over 35 - who wish to marry - either praised or were appalled by the marketing strategies author Rachel Greenwald devised for getting a husband. Her 15-step program says things like lose weight, date online and let your hair grow.

"It's a very practical hands-on approach using business tactics that I learned in business school and I have applied it to the dating world. It's an effective organized 15-step action plan," Greenwald tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm.

"Like in any business venture, you have to make the task your No. 1 priority," Greenwald explains. "Many career women are so busy with their jobs that they forget to put their personal lives first, at one point. So in step No. 1, I tell women to get a marketing budget. It costs money to find a husband. Fees for online dating. Improving your look. So many things. And name it: your husband search bank account."

Her techniques are described in her book "Find A Husband After 35." Click here to read an excerpt.

With 28 million single women over 35 and only 18 million single men, Greenwald says finding a husband after 35 is a 911 emergency. Her goal is for 35-and-older women to understand that it's all a numbers game at their age, so the objective is to increase the chances for being exposed to men. By doing so, these women increase their odds for finding "Mr. Right."

She actually found her husband following her method. "I met him on step number 12. We've been married for 12 years, actually. It has worked for me and many women out there," she says.

Below is a brief overview of the first five of Greenwald's 15-step strategy called "The Program."

Step 1 - Marketing Focus: Make The Program Your No. 1 Priority
If finding a husband is your goal, in the next year this quest must become more important than anything else in your life. Greenwald asks, except for something illegal, would you do "anything" to find a husband? Are you committed to devoting the required time, energy, and money to find your husband? This includes setting aside 10 to 20 percent of your annual income earmarked for the "Husband Search." Refocus what you do on your free time - don't read a book at home alone; go out to where the men are or be out in public always to increase your chances of meeting someone new. Tell everyone you know you're looking to meet a new mate.

Step 2 - Marketing Support: Find A Program Mentor
Find a person behind the scenes (preferably a happily married person) who coaches you, gives you honest feedback and advice, helps you network, and is your biggest cheerleader.

Step 3- Packaging: Create Your Best Look
What kind of wrapping paper do you wear? Are you overweight, or could you stand to lose just a few pounds to look better? What does your hair look like (apparently men like longer hair)? What's going on with your make-up, or could you stand to wear some for a change? How are your manners and your breath? How do you dress? Are your feminine enough? How do you speak? Greenwald says you must ask six different people for honest feedback to create your best look.

Step 4 - Market Expansion: Cast A Wider Net
When asked about the kind of man you're looking for, don't go on and on with your 10 most finite criteria for "Mr. Unachievable." When you're over 35 you're likely not to find a man with the perfect body, who has never been married etc. At this age there's a smaller pool of men, so women in this situation must "cast a wider net." This means look for a husband who may not be the type you've always imagined. The bottom line is, forget your type.

Step 5 - Branding: Identify What Makes You Different
This is the step where Greenwald asks women to come up with three adjectives that best describe who they are. These are the adjectives that will be used by all who describe her in conversation. These words become the woman's personal brand. The idea is to be sure they truly represent most, if not everything about the woman. With 28 million women out there competing against you, you must stand out.

If done successfully the program should shake out this way: Steps 1-5 (1-2 months); steps 6-12 (6-9 months); and steps 13-15 (5-7 months).

So many women have found the program worthwhile that men are now coming to Greenwald's seminars, looking for information on how to find women. She has now become a professional matchmaker on a very small scale.

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