Upstate New York blinded by lake-effect snow

Blizzard-like conditions Tuesday caused near white-out conditions along Interstate 90 in upstate New York. The weather system stretches from Ohio to Maine and brings heavy lake-effect snow. Areas near Lake Erie could see up to three feet.

In upstate New York, heavy lake-effect snow and strong, howling winds are marking a return to winter. Sounds of thunder snow could also be heard Tuesday in Buffalo, reports CBS News correspondent DeMarco Morgan.

Cold air moving behind an Alberta Clipper weather system is blowing across the warmer-than-average Great Lakes, kicking up high winds and snow.

Plows did little to quell the heavy snowfall enveloping roads, and people with shovels and snow blowers seemed to be fighting a losing battle, too.

Sara McKloskey is out training for her first marathon, and said she won't be sidelined by a squall.

"You're constantly aware of traffic, getting hit by a car, falling on your -- you know. It's exciting. If I find an excuse not to do it, then I'll just build up excuses not to go," McKloskey said.

Blizzard conditions led to a 40-vehicle pileup along Interstate 74 in eastern Indiana near West Harrison, the two chain-reaction crashes leaving cars and debris for a half-mile stretch. No serious injuries were reported.

Another pileup near Richmond, Indiana, on I-70 involved 13 vehicles.

"I got hit about five different times, I got bumped around pretty good in there," one driver said.

In Niagara County, New York, drivers had a tough time keeping it between the lines.

"Apparently I couldn't see the road and I missed the turn, so down I went," another driver said, laughing.

Buffalo's gotten at least two feet of snow since Tuesday, and this area is forecast to get another six to nine inches Wednesday. The snow will keep on coming. Meteorologists say by the end of Thursday, some parts of upstate New York could have three feet of snow.