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Lady Gaga Fan Lives Life in Costume

Lady Gaga lives her life in costume.

It is a concept that 23-year-old blogger and Gaga fan Denise Kuan decided to channel on her website,

After Kuan dressed as the pop star for Halloween in 2009, she began a blog to show what it would be like to spend every day dressed up as the singer.

Pictures: Living as Lady Gaga
Pictures: The Real Lady Gaga

Kuan's website features photos of her doing everyday activities dressed in full-on Gaga attire - from cleaning the house to hula-hooping to taking out the trash.

"In a way, the posts every day are little tributes to Lady Gaga," Kuan told "...going about her everyday life in her own way, regardless of what people around her might think."

Under the "About" section of her blog, Kuan features a quote from Lady Gaga that shows her desire to always be dressed up.

"When I meet celebrities and they're in casual clothes, I'm always like: 'Whaaat?' I don't mean to be judgmental, but it would do them better to be who they really are, all the time," she quoted the singer as saying. "This is really who I am all the time. When I get out of a car and there are 30 fans waiting for me, I know I'm dressed the way I should be. There's a reason they have that emotional reaction."
By Brandi Kruse

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