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Lady Gaga "Alejandro" Music Video Has Singer's Guns Blazing

Lady Gaga, Alejandro, Video
Lady Gaga in Alejandro music video (Interscope Records) Interscope Records

NEW YORK (CBS) One-woman army Lady Gaga has just unleashed a video clip for her latest single "Alejandro." The video officially made its world premiere today on Gaga's YouTube channel.

The nearly 9-minute film, directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein, plays out like a dark piece of macabre theatre and is a more introspective departure from her previous clip "Telephone" featuring R&B siren Beyonce.

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"Alejandro" stars Gaga, 24, alone as the sole female figure sans the obnoxious product placements that crowded her last two videos, "Telephone" and "Bad Romance." No Wonder Bread endorsements, here, thankfully.

Throughout the music video, she's encircled by an army of choreographed, chiseled dancers writhing around her body in a protective way. With her singing with the sultry refrain: "You know that I love you boy / Hot like Mexico, rejoice."

Once again dressing to provoke, Lady Gaga wears a red leather nun's habit in part of the video.

Visually, it's a monochromatic, sex 'n' religion-fueled escapade into Gaga's inner psyche -- replete with wooden crucifixes, man-on-man eroticism and swallowed rosary beads.

The Madonna-isms run high in this clip, from her short-cropped, platinum blond wig and black blazer suit, set against the stark, post-industrialist mood of the clip (a la "Express Yourself"), to her exaggerated machine gun bra (similar to the infamous coned bra in "Vogue"). All melds to make the video play out like a visual love letter to Madonna's early '90s "Blond Ambition" era.

With the "Fame Monster" continually throwing creative punches like this, the only question viewers can ask themselves now is where can Gaga possibly go next? Pretty sure she'll enjoy the challenge.

Gaga will be touring the United States this summer in her "Monster Ball" tour, kicking off July 1 in Boston.

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