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Ladies' Night at the Grammys

It was ladies' night at the Grammys.

Beyonce became the first woman ever to take home six in one show. But Taylor Swift collected four awards, including the top prize of Album of the Year. The 20-year-old is the youngest artist to achieve that honor.

"Early Show" Special Correspondent Damien Fahey was backstage at the awards. He caught up with Beyonce following her record-breaking haul of six wins, taking her all-time total to 16 Grammys.

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Beyonce told Fahey with tears in her eyes, "The last time, I think I was little too young to understand what's going on, and now I know how amazing this night is. I'm sorry I'm getting emotional, but I'm just so lucky and blessed. "

Fahey pointed out when she won her final award, the cameras cut to a shot of her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

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"He was just so proud, you could tell," Fahey said. "He was like, 'That was my woman.'"

"That's so embarreassing when they do that," Beyonce said.

"Really?" Fahey asked.

"Yes!" Beyonce replied. "Of course -- imagine."

It was a triple play for Kings of Leon who were stunned to win Record of the Year.

"I'm not going to lie," a band member said during his speech, "we're all a little drunk but we're happy drunks."

Kings of Leon's Nathan Followill told Fahey after the awards show, "We didn't even have a thank-you speech written out. Nothing. We were ready to go to the bar after we lost. So now we'll just go to the bar after we won."

The Black-Eyed Peas also won three Grammys. Fahey added that Lady Gaga's two trophies were outnumbered by her outrageous costumes.

Fahey asked the singer about her outfits, "Is there a conceptual thing going on here, is there is a title for this?"

Lady Gaga responded, "We were inspired by ice princesses and magical angels."

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As for her performance with Elton John, Lady Gaga said she loved him "so much."

"I have to say his spirit as a human being is so beautiful," she said.

Although Pink didn't take home a Grammy, she was red hot, flying above the crowd in a wet and wild performance of "Glitter in the Air."

She told Fahey she didn't perform with a net because it was "dumb."

"It's not fun with a net," she said. "You can't do it with a net."

Fahey added that he'd spoken to several celebrities who said they got wet from her performance.

"They loved it. They were having a great time," he said. "They were totally impressed. I think they were just caught up in the moment."

Pink received a standing ovation for her high-flying show.

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