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L.A. contractor scares off rapist, rewarded with beer

(CBS) LOS ANGELES - A contractor is being hailed as a hero after he dropped his work to save a girl from being raped in Mid-City in L.A.

Albert Smith was working in an apartment building around 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 5, when he heard screams. Looking out the window from the second floor, he says he saw a man holding a hatchet and struggling with a girl, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Smith says he ran downstairs and, with the victim's brother and sister, chased after the suspect. The victim's mother also tried to give chase in her car, but it wouldn't start, Smith said.

After outrunning the girl's siblings, Smith says he was able to point the suspect out to police with the help of three witnesses.

The girl did not know her attacker.

Smith said the girl's family was so thankful for his help, they bought him a cold beer.

Los Angeles police say a suspect was taken into custody in connection with the attack, but the person's identity was not disclosed.

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