Kyra Sedgwick: "It was time" to end TNT's "The Closer"

Kyra Sedgwick appears on "CBS This Morning," July 16, 2012.
Kyra Sedgwick appears on "CBS This Morning," July 16, 2012.
CBS News

(CBS News) As TNT's "The Closer" comes to an end, actress Kyra Sedgwick said there was a lot of "boo-hooing the last month or so," but she's excited about the future.

The show began its seventh and final season last week. "It was my choice, it was time," Sedgwick said Monday on "CBS This Morning."

Sedgwick won an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for her role as outspoken Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in TNT's police drama.

"The show was a phenomenal success in many different ways," Sedgwick said. "Creatively, personally - it was wonderful."

"I love that she's a very powerful woman who never apologizes for her power," said of her character, "And I think that's unusual." Sedgwick said her character uses her femininity as a strength, not a weakness. "She embraces her womanhood, she uses it to make people underestimate her. She's very much a woman. She's fragile, she's strong. She's everything."

Next for Sedgwick is a horror movie at the end of summer called "The Possession." "I'm looking for that next great thing," she said.