Ky. men killed drug dealer to "rid the world of evil," police say

Daniel Delfin

(CBS/AP) BOONE COUNTY, Ky. - A gruesome discovery of a torso and legs in a field in northern Kentucky led to the arrest of three men, who authorities say, killed a convicted drug dealer and cut up his body, CBS affiliate WKYT reports.

Boone County Sheriff's Department spokesman Tom Scheben said Thursday the men told authorities they killed Daniel Delfin earlier this month to "rid the world of evil," but he wasn't sure exactly what they meant.

Delfin had been arrested in May 2012 for trafficking heroin near a Kentucky high school, according to WKYT.

Police say 21-year-old Jeffrey Allen, 23-year-old Anthony Baumgartner, and 22-year-old Stephen Harkness lured the 19-year-old Delfin to the town of Walton, near Cincinnati, with the ruse of buying drugs. Police say they beat Delfin and drove him to a field where he was beaten again and strangled.

Authorities say the men then used a machete and possibly a saw to dismember Delfin.

Investigators on Thursday were still searching for some of Delfin's remains, WKYT reports.