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Kurt Cobain won't get bridge named after him in hometown

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana during the taping of MTV Unplugged in New York, Nov. 18, 1993. Getty

(CBS/AP) What's more rock? Getting a bridge named after you in your hometown or having the town council pass on the renaming?

It's a debate for the ages as Kurt Cobain's hometown won't be renaming a bridge after the late Nirvana front man. Smells like small town politics.

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Council members in Aberdeen, Wash., voted 10-1 against a resolution to rename the bridge.

KXRO reports the vote against the Cobain rename drew applause from the audience at Wednesday's council meeting. Some people were concerned about memorializing the grunge rock musician because of his drug use, suicide and negative comments about his hometown.

The council did vote to name a small body of land on the Wishkah River the Cobain Landing.