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Kucinich: "I Hope That You're Going To Talk About More Than A Tongue Stud."

This morning, Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich and his wife, Elizabeth, appeared on the CBS "Early Show." And the Ohio Representative seemed none too happy when anchor Hannah Storm brought up his wife's age, beauty, and jewelry. Here's a portion of the transcript:

Hannah Storm: You have a core group of supporters for your political views, but a lot of people [are] talking about your wife and the fact that she's over three decades younger and she statuesque and beautiful and has a pierced tongue. What do you make of the attention on her?

Dennis Kucinich: Well, the most important thing I would tell you, Hannah, as a professional, is it's important not to trivialize a woman who has worked on international humanitarian matters, you know, helping people in Africa get access to energy and to housing and education, helping poor people and children in India, working with a group connected with Mother Teresa, working with the Mission To Seafarers in London. Here's a woman of great accomplishment with a Master's degree in international conflict resolution, and I hope that you're going to talk about more than a tongue stud.

After Storm asked Elizabeth Kucinich what she would bring to the White House, the "Early Show" anchor returned to the topic.

Hannah Storm: I know that your husband doesn't want to focus on your tongue ring, but you do have one, correct?

Elizabeth Kucinich: I do.

Hannah Storm: And would you remove it if you became first lady or leave it in?

Elizabeth Kucinich: It's part of me now. It's been there ten years, so --

Hannah Storm: Can we see it?

Elizabeth Kucinich: No, you can't. Sorry.

Dennis Kucinich: That's my privilege.

Check out the video for the full effect. It's not quite as tense as it seems when you read it – during that last exchange, it's worth noting, all three are laughing.

Still, things stayed interesting until the end. After Elizabeth Kucinich pointed out that Dennis is "polling fourth now" and Dennis added, "when I get to third place, everything changes," Storm responded: "When you get to third place, or you meet with [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, we'll have you back."

To which Dennis Kucinich responded, one finger in the air: "You know, remember you said that."

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