Kristen Charbonneau Case: Did Texas Businessman Dan Moore Kill Exotic Dancer?

(Family Photo)
(Euless Police Department)
EULESS, Texas (CBS) The family of Kristen Charbonneau says they have known for four years who killed their daughter - Daniel Moore, a Fort Worth, Texas businessman - they just couldn't get anyone to listen.

Photo: Kristen Charbonneau.

But on Friday, David and Monica Charbonneau got the news they had been waiting for, that Moore had been arrested and charged with Kristen Charbonneau's murder.

The 25-year-old exotic dancer was last seen August 11, 2005, leaving Baby Dolls, a strip club near Dallas where she worked. Moore was said to be with her at the time.

Photo: Daniel Moore was arrested Feb. 26, 2010 for the murder of Kristen Charbonneau.

Since Kristen went missing, her parents have never stopped looking for her, or trying to get police to look closer at the man they believed all along was involved in her disappearance.

David Charbonneau told CBS affiliate KTVT on Friday that they had mixed emotions when they found out about Moore's arrest.

"It's like we just lost our daughter again," David Charbonneau said. "We were always looking on the Internet that possibly she had gone somewhere else, you always want to believe your children are alive."


But they also felt vindicated. The Charbonneaus admit that accusing Moore of murder didn't win them a lot of points with people, but felt they had no choice.

"We were told we were crazy, we were just targeting an innocent man that we were destroying his family and we had no proof."

And while police slowly worked their way towards an arrest, David Charbonneau told CNN he fantasized about taking the law into his own hands.

"I would wake up every morning and every night looking at my shotgun; it would be the first thing there, and there were many times it would be loaded," he said. David Charbonneau also told the network he wanted to nail the suspect to a tree and "get this man to tell me where my daughter's body was."

Police are not commenting on the case, other than to say that it remains under investigation. Moore got out of jail Saturday night on a $35,000 bond. Kristen Charbonneau's body has still not been found.