Krista Dittmeyer's body found in N.H. pond, prosecutors say

According to CBS affiliate WBZ, there is nothing to indicate that Dittmeyer left behind her car and child, who was found in the car, by choice. "There is nothing we've uncovered to indicate that she voluntarily absented herself from the vehicle or the child," Perley told the station. "People have asked about suicide or mental illness, but there's nothing to indicate either of those things." Anyone with information is asked to call the Conway police at 603-356-5715.
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Krista Dittmeyer cops search N.H. pond for missing mom
Krista Dittmeyer
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(CBS/WBZ) CONWAY, N.H. - The body of missing Maine woman Krista Dittmeyer, whose car was abandoned at a ski area with her toddler unharmed inside has been recovered from a nearby pond, prosecutors said Wednesday.

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The 20-year-old Portland, Maine, mother's body was found by divers in a retaining pond about a quarter-mile from where her car was found idling Saturday in the parking lot of Cranmore Mountain ski area in Conway, a town of 10,000 people.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young said an autopsy would be done Thursday to determine the cause of Dittmeyer's death. She described the death as "suspicious," but she would not elaborate or comment on possible suspects.

A crime scene unit was seen at the pond earlier Wednesday, but police pushed media back from the area, reports CBS station WBZ.

Officers began draining ponds in the area Monday, but said at the time they had no reason to believe Dittmeyer was in one. They claimed they were removing the water to rule out any possibilities.

The father of Dittmeyer's child is serving time in prison on an unrelated matter.

According to CBS affiliate WBZ, police say Dittmeyer, who lives and works in Portland and has ties to Bridgton, Maine, last talked to family members at about 8 p.m. Friday by phone.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Conway police at 603-356-5715.

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