Krazy Glue Girls Set for Trial In Case of Sticky Privates

(AP Photo)
The Crazy Glue Girls. From left, Therese Ziemann, Michelle Belliveau, Wendy Sewell appear in the Calumet County Courthouse on Monday, Aug. 10, 2009.

CHILTON, Wis. (CBS/AP) - They came, they glued, they got arrested.

Now, one of the women accused of hitting a cheater where it hurts the most has a trial date in late January.

Michelle Belliveau has pleaded not guilty to one count of being party to felony false imprisonment after she was arrested for allegedly being part of a four women super-glue squad that sought revenge on an unfaithful husband by luring the cheating man to a Wisconsin motel, tying him to a bed, and gluing his you-know-what to his stomach.

Court records say he was romantically involved with three of the women, including his estranged wife. The fourth was there to support her sister.

During a status conference on the case Monday, Calumet County Circuit Judge Donald Poppy set Belliveau's two-day trial to start Jan. 27. He scheduled a final pretrial conference for Jan. 19.

The other three women have yet to enter their pleas to similar charges.

Earlier this month, the 37-year-old Fond du Lac man told Calumet County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Van Akkeren that during the July 30 ordeal, which lasted about 30 minutes, he was punched in the face twice.

The man, whose penis was glued to his stomach, testified that a motel tryst with a girlfriend involving a bondage fantasy turned painful and humiliating after his wife, a second girlfriend and another woman burst into the room and harassed him because of his cheating ways.

"I was telling them...This is assault," the man testified.

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