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Korean Fashion Hits America

Lee Young Hee is a Korean Traditional Dress designer who has a burning desire to show the fundamental beauty of the Hanbok to the world.

The show is intended to introduce Korea’s traditional arts and the beauty and grace of Korean costume to Americans.

On Friday, June 30th, Lee Young Hee presents her collection of beautifully designed traditional and couture gowns at the Carnegie Hall Show on Korean culture in New York City.

She has attracted many western people with the special beauty of the lines and colors which the Hanbok possesses.

In 1993, Lee Young Hee participated in the “Pret-a-porter” in Paris for the first time as a Korean designer . Then an unknown designer from the Far East, she surprised many with her fresh new changes in the western concept of wearing clothes. Her implicit and elegant colors hand painted with natural dyes attracted attention.

In 1994, Lee Young Hee opened her first boutique in Paris. She now has two in Paris and one in Seoul, Korea. Her collection has presented a new pleasure to seek into the traditional yet fashionable garments of Korea.

Lee Young Hee was the first designer to combine both a fashion show and an art exhibit, an innovative idea in the fashion world. Many French and Japanese designers have since tried her idea in their shows.

“My heart overflows with joy when doing a show… it is the energy for my creations,” says Lee Young Hee.

Carnegie Hall performance displays traditional Korean dance and music

Another main attraction of the Carnegie Hall show is a performance by the dance company of In Nam Soon, who will portray Korean traditions and folktales that have lasted thousands of years. The event marks the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War.
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