Kokomo family had close call when tornado hit

(CBS News) KOKOMO, Ind. -- There's almost nothing left of Courtney Bray's house. The only warning she had that a tornado was coming was a call from her boyfriend, Michael Price.

"When I called her, I said, 'Is everything all right?' She said, 'Yes, everything is OK, I am just going to get up and make sure.' It seemed like as soon as she got up to make sure I heard screams and yells so I am scared thinking the worse," Price said.

 "I had just grabbed my baby out of the crib and we had jumped in the bathtub, really, probably, 10 seconds before," Bray said.

"This corner right here is where her crib was at," said Bray, pointing to where a collapsed wall had fallen.

"Next thing you know, the house just started shaking," she said. "It's kind of traumatizing to think that maybe seconds later, it could have been her life."

Price ran home through the debris, afraid of what he might find.

"I ran in the house hoping to see somebody and she (Bray) was in the tub folded up with the baby," he said. "Luckily, the baby seen me. The first thing she (the baby) did was she smiled."

Now the family plans to start rebuilding.

"Just start over, start work on purchasing new things and just getting back on our feet," Bray said.

She is due to give birth to the couple's second child next Monday.

Kokomo's police chief says the lack of fatalities here was all because of timing. Folks had enough warning to seek shelter, and the tornadoes hit in the afternoon, not at night when people are asleep.