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Koch Backs Obama

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat who supported President Bush in 2004, says he'll back Barack Obama this November because GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin is "scary." In a statement, Koch says, "I have concluded that the country is safer in the hands of Barack Obama, leader of the Democratic Party and protector of the philosophy of that party," the Politico reports.

Koch continues: "If the vice president were ever called on to lead the country, there is no question in my mind that the experience and demonstrated judgment of Joe Biden is superior to that of Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is a plucky, exciting candidate, but when her record is examined, she fails miserably with respect to her views on the domestic issues that are so important to the people of the U.S., and to me. Frankly, it would scare me if she were to succeed John McCain in the presidency."