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Kobe Case Bogs Down

Kobe Bryant will have to wait at least until mid-May for a judge to decide whether a jury should hear evidence about the sexual past of the woman who accused the NBA star of rape.

A nurse and three young men answered questions Tuesday behind closed doors in testimony expected to weigh heavily on the judge's decision.

But the next batch of witnesses won't be called until a fresh hearing starts May 10, said state court spokeswoman Karen Salaz.

Attorneys were scheduled Wednesday to wrap up arguments in closed court over a motion to throw out evidence that Bryant's legal team says was gathered illegally, Salaz said.

State District Judge Terry Ruckriegle was to open the courtroom later in the day for arguments on topics including the prosecution's request to have Bryant enter a plea.

The defense says injuries found on the woman could have been caused by sex with multiple partners before and after her encounter with Bryant, and they want to make those arguments to a jury.

The prosecution says the woman's sex life is irrelevant in determining whether she was raped. Her attorney, John Clune, has denied she had a sexual partner after Bryant and before she went to police.

Scott Robinson, a Denver defense attorney who is following the case, said the woman's comments to sexual assault nurse examiner Lauren Gueriera would not carry medical confidentiality protections because the exam involved allegations of a crime.

Ruckriegle has already barred defense access to the woman's medical records, except from the sexual assault examination. Experts say witnesses will likely be called to discuss her purported suicide attempts and anti-depressant use.

Bryant has said he had consensual sex with the woman last June at the Vail-area resort where she worked. If convicted of felony sexual assault, the 25-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star faces four years to life in prison or 20 years to life on probation.

Bryant's attorneys say investigators improperly questioned Bryant and botched the execution of a court order to gather certain evidence. They are asking the judge to suppress evidence including Bryant's recorded statements to investigators, a T-shirt stained with the woman's blood and a rape kit performed on Bryant at the Glenwood Springs hospital.

Prosecutors have said Bryant voluntarily spoke with investigators and handed over evidence.

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