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Kittywood Studios shows the magic behind the cat video empire

(CBS) - You probably know we post quite a few cat videos here at The Feed. But did you know that it takes a lot more than just a camera and a cat to make one of them go viral? 

Watch this behind-the-scenes look at just what goes into making some of the most popular feline viral videos. You will definitely be surprised.

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Who knew just how big an empire cat videos could be? And I'm shocked, I say shocked, to find out that so many of them are made using CGI and puppets! Though I can't stay mad at cat video, they are simply too adorable.

Below you can find one of the more popular and famous videos mentioned briefly in the above tongue-in-cheek clip entitled "Surprised Kitty". If you somehow haven't seen it before, you are in for a real treat.

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