Kitten "cat nap" in cup is overflowing with cute

(CBS News) On this muggy, overcast day here in New York City, a cup of coffee or tea really hits the spot. But you know what hits the spot even better no matter where you might be? A nice cup of kitten taking a cat nap in the that is overflowing with cute in the video above, that's what.

Awwww... it's too sweet in the best way possible! (And totally safe if you're diabetic, too!) The adorable overload clip was posted by YouTube user Tranne Tran who writes:

MiMi so cute...
You just can't argue with such an obviously scientific-based statement of fact like that. And if you're curious to see more of MiMi (sans the cup), the poster has provided two photos you can check out by clicking here or here. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Tranne Tran!