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Kitchen Essentials

Culinary expert Tom Lacalamita has been in the forefront of development and marketing of consumer housewares for 13 years. So, CBS This Morning went to him to ask for help for people who are getting a real kitchen together for the first time.

Starting a kitchen doesn't have to be overwhelming, Lacalamita says. Compact and versatile items will do the trick. From spices and multi-purpose gadgets to pots and frying pans, he put together close to 100 items that can be contained within a 3-foot cabinet.

Tom Lacalamita's Pantry Must Haves. A grocery list to put all these gadgets to work.
Here is the list of 39 essentials Lacalamita says every kitchen should have:

Pans For Every Purpose: A basic starter kitchen is nothing without a set of pans. For the person with limited space, here's a list of stackable cookware from T-Fall Ingenio that goes from the stove to counter and then to storage.

8-quart saucepan
2-quart saucepan/storage container
1-quart saucepan/storage container
8-inch skillet/baking pan/storage container
3.5 quart chicken fryer
3-quart stir-fry pan

Tools No Kitchen Should Be Without: For mixing, mashing, and spooning it on.

Tom Lacalamita's Easy Recipes. To get you started cooking.
Small, Medium, Large Mixing Bowls
Small & Large Cutting Boards
Hot Plate/Trivet
Egg Masher
Potato Masher
Ice Cream Scoop
Garlic Press
Steamer Basket
Slotted Spatula
Slotted Spoon

Overall you can get by with just three basic knives:

10-inch Chef's Knife
Utility Knife
Serrated Knife

Here are some all-time great gadgets: For cutting, scooping or just making life easier in the kitchen.

Pizza Cutter
Kitchen Scissors
Cork Screw
Bottle Opener
Can Opener
Potato Peeler
Apple Corer/Melon Scoop
Plastic Measuring Cups
Pyrex Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons
Utensil Rack
Fork (serving size)
Spoon (serving size or larger)
Pasta Spoon

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