Kindergarten "redshirting." What would you do?

Behind the scenes, a 60 Minutes producer faces the kindergarten conundrum

Here at Overtime, we thought "redshirting" was something that only happened to college athletes. Then we saw Morley Safer's report on kindergarten redshirting, the controversial practice of holding your kid back from kindergarten to give him an edge the following year.

After overhearing some lively debate about redshirting by our colleagues in the hallways of 60 Minutes, we decided to sit down with the redshirting producing team to hear what they thought of this red-hot educational issue.

Morley Safer went to kindergarten back in the 1930s and is now a grandfather. Producer Deirdre Naphin is married with three children. And associate producer Nichole Marks is single and in her 20s. Three journalists, three stages of life -- and three different perspectives on redshirting.

For Deirdre the debate was a very real one: her youngest son was supposed to enter kindergarten this fall, and she wasn't sure he would be ready. Eventually she and her husband made the decision to start their son in school this fall, on schedule. Listen to Deirdre's dilemma and tell us what you think. Did she make the right call?