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Kim Kardashian's Botox Nightmare (VIDEO): What Went Wrong?

(CBS) Kim Kardashian had to face up to reality after a Botox eye treatment that left the reigning reality queen bruised and scrambling for an ice pack.

"I'm feeling like my eyes are on fire," she said on her show "Keeping up with the Kardashians. "What if he hit a nerve. Seriously, I know this is not normal. What I am feeling is not normal."

But according to Dr. Anthony Youn, a Michigan-based plastic surgeon who does scores of Botox treatments a month, what Kim was feeling was absolutely normal, even expected.

"Any time you stick a needle in someone's skin you can hit a vein and cause a bruise," he told CBS News. "It's always temporary. Typically, it will last a couple of days to a couple of weeks. It's not a sign that it's botched or a long term complication." 

That's good news for Kim, who was panicking about potential wrinkles around her eyes as she approaches 30.

As for the itching and burning Kim felt, Youn says that is probably in her head.

"She is a bit of a drama queen. She is on TV, looking for attention and it can be psychological. Sometimes people have symptoms that can be brought on by their psychological state and it's all in their head. I see that in my patients all the time."

Kim has become famous for her beautiful face. We asked Youn if he would give her Botox.

"It's never need, it's always want," he said. "For someone like her, she doesn't need Botox, she doesn't have wrinkles. But there is a trend to use it prophylactically, not to cure wrinkles, but prevent them."

Did the procedure actually make Kim look any younger?

Yes, her sister Khloe said, "three to five days."


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