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Kim Cattrall says she considers herself a parent

Kim Cattrall says that just because she's never given birth to a child does not mean she doesn't have children.

She told BBC Radio 4's "Woman's Hour": "I am a parent. I have young actors and actresses that I mentor. I have nieces and nephew that I am very close to, so I think the thing that I find questionable about being childless or child-free [is]: Are you really? There is a way to become a mother in this day and age that doesn't include your name on the child's birth certificate."

The former "Sex and the City" star continued, "You can express that maternal side of you very, very clearly, very strongly. I guess the word is -- it feels very satisfying."

Cattrall, who is 59, has been married three times and does not have any biological children.

She is currently single and loving it. She said on "Woman's Hour" that she especially loves having her bed to herself.

"I can sleep right in the middle of my king size bed," she said. "I can snore. I can fart."

Snoring and farting? We'll let her keep that king size bed to herself, thanks.

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