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Killers Hate The Rain

NEW YORK (CBS) This past month's reputation as one of the rainiest Junes on record could have an upside... fewer murders.

When the New York Times analyzed homicide data and city rainfall they found a surprising result: killers don't like rain, especially on summer nights, when more homicides occur.

In a previous analysis, the Times had found that the most deadly nights in the city are Saturdays in the summer.

Looking at data from 2003 to 2008, the new calculation found that on dry days, the average number of homicides for the ten Saturdays in the summer is 24. On Saturdays with at least half-an-inch of rain, the average number is 18.

Some experts stated that rainy weather could be decreasing the number of homicides because it reduced the chance of street interactions between strangers. Others, who weren't certain about the connection between murder and weather, pointed out that rain would not impact domestic disputes, which take place inside, or homicides connected with drug deals.

But rain des not only deter killers. When murders in the rain do occur, witnesses are scarce too.

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