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Kids to "Grinch": Trade you cookies for our stolen Christmas lights?

DAVIS, Calif. -- A Northern California family has posted surveillance video of a Christmas thief in action, swiping strands of lights from their home, reports CBS Sacramento.

This Grinch didn't seem to know -- or care -- that he was caught on tape.

Last weekend, hours after Neil Michael and his family, of Davis, Calif., finished putting up their annual Christmas display, the fruits of their labor disappeared.

Reviewing their home surveillance video, the family says a young intoxicated male could be clearly seen wandering the yard and yanking on the lights.

"At some some point he made it into the yard and that's where you see the great footage of him walking along the side of the house kind of staggering along," Michael told CBS Sacramento.

At one point, the suspect appears to give up on one strand, but then tries again and adds to his haul.

The Michaels uploaded the video to YouTube with "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" playing in the background.

They hope, like the "real" Grinch, this guy has a change of heart. The Michael children are offering a deal: Return the family's Christmas lights and they will give him a plate of cookies.

The Michaels didn't file a police report, and say there will be no questions asked if the lights are returned.