Kids Steal the Show at Edwards Event

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

CONCORD, N.H. -- They might be years away from being eligible to vote but a couple young tykes were the stars of the show at John Edwards's town hall meeting in Concord, NH.

In the middle of laying out his plans to combat global warming a little baby gave a quick shout that filled the room.

After a beat, Edwards pointed at the baby and declared, "He agrees with me!"

Minutes later Edwards called on another young guy, Cooper Otis, 6, of Hopkinton, NH, looking much like That Kid from 'A Christmas Story' with his blond hair and dark-rimmed glasses, to ask a question.

"What will happen when you're elected president?" he asked.

Responded Edwards, "America and the world will be a better place."

Later in the meeting Edwards railed against the current administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina. He promised to implement "Brownie's Law" in his administration, meaning "to be in charge of a federal agency" you need to have "actual experience" in that field.

Edwards was also asked about how to get rid of the attacks that go on in public discourse between public figures in the media because of the effects it has on youth, who may use it as influence to engage in violence like school shootings. After reminding the audience how proud he was that his wife took on Ann Coulter back in June, he said that the "hatemongering and namecalling... is completely unhealthy." He said that "campaigns carry enormous responsibility" to control the type of rhetoric that "infects our children."