Kids react to "Nyan Cat"

(CBS) - The internet can be a strange place. Every once and a while you find yourself going down a chain of links and end up seeing something truly bizarre. Hopefully it's funny as well. "Nyan Cat" is the perfect example of just such a so-strange-it's-funny meme. But what do the kids think about all this? Let's find out.

The kids are, understandably, at a loss. What is there to say about a three minute video featuring an unchanging image and the same looped music? Reactions are mixed, though. Here at The Feed, we're big fans of the Poptart kitty, but we're not surprised that the boys aren't that into kittens and rainbows.

One young gentleman provides these words of wisdom that we can all agree on: "Any video that's funny... will be viral."

Thanks, as always, to The Fine Brothers. Check out the original "Nyan Cat" (which has been viewed over 12 MILLION times) below.