Kids' dress-up fun for the royal wedding

(CBS) Are you looking forward to the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William on April 29? How about your kids?


Puffy gowns?

If your kids are already planning their own "royal wedding" in your living room, you can help them imagine the fun with a new crown or dress -- or maybe even a fun tux! 

Pictures: Royal wedding gowns
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It's still not publicly known what Kate Middleton will wear on her wedding day, but you can have fun with your kids dreaming up a duplicate of her dress with some of the dress-to-impress outfits featured in our "Adorable royal wedding dress-up" gallery.

From elegant ball gowns to princess dresses, as well as debonair suits and tuxedos, "Eye on Parenting" found some elegant and tasteful designs your child will love -- and that you can afford.

Pictures: Dress-up for the royal weddingSpecial section: Eye on Parenting