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Kids at sleepover in Ohio home at time of double homicide

HAMILTON, Ohio- A man from Hamilton has been arrested for a double homicide that took place early on Wednesday while children were attending a slumber party, reports CBS affiliate WKRC.

Authorities charged Alfred Rutherford, 55, with the murder of his daughter and another man while his grandson, 6, had friends sleeping in the house, according to the station.

Lacey Rutherford, 29, and Steve Watkins, 41, were found shot to death at 2:24 a.m. on Wednesday. The relationship between Watkins and the family is unclear.

Lacey's three children and some of their friends witnessed the crime, but no one else was injured. Police received a tip and caught Rutherford, who was on the run, 9 hours later.

The Hamilton Municipal Court held the arraignment for Rutherford Thursday morning, says WKRC.