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KidDesk Internet Safe

. Software that blocks children from sexually explicit or violent web sites has been around for years, but a new solution from Edmark allows parents to take more control and even set time limits. The software is called KidDesk Internet Safe. Former teacher and Edmark General Manager Donna Stanger says it takes the same approach as the original KidDesk program in setting up a complete environment to control what children are and aren't allowed to do on the computer Â…

"We've talked to many, many parents who say I won't let my child on the Internet unless I'm in the room with them. So KidDesk Internet Safe takes that same protection and that same choice that the parent should have and give it to the parent."

It will require move of an effort on the part of parents than filtering software. You have to designate which programs and web sites you want your children to have access to. You can individualize settings for different childrenÂ…

"It's like constructing your own little safe neighborhood. I think of it the way, when you have a child, first maybe they play only in the living room. Then they're allowed to go in the yard because you know what's in the yard. Then they're allowed to cross the street. This works in the same way."

Each child can have his or her own password and parents have one to control the set up. KidDesk Internet Safe sells for under thirty dollars.

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