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Kid cries because Hillary Clinton is running for president and he's not, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include a scythe superstar in action, the search for a doppelgänger, a kid who really wanted to run for president, a robo-girl making breakfast, daredevil downhill skateboarders and a red hot ball of nickel on a giant jawbreaker.

First up, Dave Oxford shared this video of a British scythe champion showing why, sometimes, good old fashioned elbow grease can be much more efficient than using a machine.

Three friends, Harry, Terence and Niamh, gave themselves one month to see if they could find their doppelgängers. Niamh was successful right of the bat and made this video as part of the Twin Strangers project.

Erin Celello introduces us to young Zeke who is really sad because Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president. And, to him, that means he can't run for president.

YouTuber karenxcheng is well known for creating the "donut selfie" picture taking technique. In this video she shows off her ultra precise robot dancing skills combined with her sense of humor.

Byron Essert and Alex Tongue put viewers on the edge of their seat as they ride their skateboards at incredible speeds, downhill through twists and turns in the Alps in this video posted by SURF ALL BEACHES.

And, carsandwater shows what happens when you take a red hot ball of nickel and place it on a giant jawbreaker candy.

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