Kid cameos at NBA events stirs controversy

As the NBA finals approached, one basketball star's daughter stole the show. Two-year-old Riley Curry, daughter of Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry, appeared at two news conferences.

But those cute cameos by Riley and other players' kids are also stirring a backlash, with some calling to keep the attention on the athletes, reports CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano.

The country can't seem to get enough of Riley Curry. At one point during her dad's news conference, she was the subject of 1,300 tweets per minute. Even so, there is a small, if vocal group who would prefer she not be at the podium.

Few players in the NBA can steal the spotlight from Stephen Curry or manage to contain the league's most valuable player, while still quoting rap lyrics with authority. But, Riley Curry does, and she is enjoying it.

"I think she's taking advantage of the moment for sure," Curry said. "She's way too comfortable."

It's hard to believe anyone would find these made for TV moments objectionable. Some felt compelled to stick up for the sportswriters trying to meet deadlines. "After a while, I had no idea what Steph said, and I badly wanted to hear what he had to say, and it got completely disrupted by little Riley stealing the show," ESPN's Skip Bayless said.

San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist Ann Killion, who was at the news conference, says Riley Curry's cameo didn't ruin any deadlines.

"I think everyone was like -- 'Yay, Riley's back!"' Killion said. "He answered the questions, we all got a laugh, and life goes on."

Curry isn't the first NBA star to bring his child to the podium. Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and Tim Duncan have all done it.

So has Tiger Woods.

In fact, athletes in many professional sports do it.

Earlier this year, Lee Posey, son of San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey, crashed an interview with CBS News' Jeff Glor.

Even Steph Curry, the son of retired NBA player Dell Curry, once sat courtside on his dad's lap.

"There are so many things that we do criticize athletes about," Killion said. "And so to see a young man being a loving father, I really fail to see the controversy."

Given Riley's popularity, many people would probably agree with Killion. But, outspoken NBA analyst Charles Barkley says he would prefer if players did not bring their kids, saying reporters are trying to do their job.

The Warriors open game 1 of the NBA finals at home in Oakland next week. Time will tell if there will be yet another memorable Riley Curry post-game appearance.