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911 dispatcher helps child who called for math homework help

911 dispatcher helps boy with math homework
911 dispatcher helps boy with math homework 01:36

A police dispatcher in Lafayette, Indiana, is being praised for her kindness toward a caller last week. Antonia Bundy received a call from a child and asked what his emergency was. His problem was not the typical emergency Bundy normally deals with, but she still helped the boy out.

"You had a bad day at school?" Bundy asked when the boy told her why he was calling.

"Yeah. I just came to tell you that," he said.

''When he told me he was having a bad day and I asked him what was troubling him he told me that he had homework," Bundy told CBS affiliate WLFI-TV. "And at that point, I was able to determine that it was more of a 'I need help with homework' than an actual emergency."

Bundy was glad she wasn't too busy and she could focus on helping the boy with his homework. "I've always been good at math. All the way through high school I enjoyed it. So it was something I was very happy I could help him with," she said.

Antonia Bundy said she's always been good at math, so she was happy to help. WLFI

The boy read her the problem — what is 3x4 + 1x4 — and Bundy walked him through the steps to solve it. She said the brief interaction was a nice break to her otherwise busy day.

"It kind of takes the pressure off of it a little bit. Not too much, but just a little bit to be able to relax to take a step back and truly figure out what he needed and truly spend time with him and assist him in the best way I could."

Usually, the emergencies she deals with are much worse, so a math problem was a welcome change. The boy said that was the only problem he needed help with, then thanked Bundy for her assistance.

"I'm sorry for calling you, but I really needed help," he told her.

"You're fine. We're always here to help," Bundy replied.

The dispatcher has dedicated her life to helping others, and this proves she goes above and beyond to do so.

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