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Kid backflips from one skateboard to another twice

(CBS News) You know what's impressive? Doing a backflip on cement. You know what's even more impressive? Doing a backflip on a moving skateboard. You know what is downright crazily impressive almost beyond words? Doing a backflip from one moving skateboard to another -- wait for it -- not once, but twice! With no helmet or protective gear to speak of. Check out this fearless kid from Iceland, Egill Gunnar, doing just that in this YouTube video above.

And while he may fall a few times, give him a break (and hope that no bones of his ever break in future attempts), as he completes the flip from one board to another seamlessly twice. While, I don't love that he's not wearing a helmet or wrist-guards, it does make this feat even more daring to watch. And he doesn't seem to be phased by the spills he does take -- I'm wondering if his poor hands and wrists feel the same way? Ouch! If this kid can do this flip on two narrow, moving objects, I wonder what this tumbling wunderkind can do on solid ground? Oh, and here's my answer: watch what he can do below!

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