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Kevorkian: Assisted Suicide "Discussed to Death"

Jack Kevorkian says assisted suicide has been "discussed to death."

The assisted suicide advocate known as "Dr. Death" said Thursday the HBO biographical movie, "You Don't Know Jack," is unlikely to inspire much action, but that he's delighted and honored by the film about his crusade.

The 82-year-old from Michigan claims he attended more than 130 deaths before being convicted of second-degree murder in 1999. He told The Associated Press the threat of returning to prison keeps him from assisting in any more suicides.

He says he continues to provide "moral courage" to the cause.

Kevorkian plans to attend a reception and screening of the film Thursday evening at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The film debuts Saturday and features Al Pacino as Kevorkian.

Katie Couric interviewed Pacino last week on CBS' "60 Minutes".

"What I did with Jack Kevorkian is I worked. I went into my little bunker by the house. A lot of acting is private time," Pacino told Couric. "I'm watching the pieces. I'm reading the script. I'm listening to the sound of him. It's like work."

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In 1998, Dr. Kevorkian went on "60 Minutes" with Mike Wallace and showed a tape of himself giving a lethal injection to a patient. In the movie, across from Mike Wallace sits Al Pacino as Jack Kevorkian.

"It gave me an opportunity to do something I haven't done before, I think that's what is interesting. In all my roles, I don't think there's anyone like that," Pacino explained.

Watch an excerpt of Mike Wallace's 1998 interview with Dr. Jack Kevorkian:

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