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Kevin James Proud of "King Of Queens"

Kevin James, who stars on "The King of Queens," credits the success of the long-running sitcom to staying under the radar.

"It may have worked for us because people kinda left us alone," the 41-year-old actor said in a recent conference call. "You know, when they tapped us on the shoulder and we looked up, it was nine years later. We never really were that shiny show, but we're a simple show — and that's something that I'm proud of."

The 200th episode of the blue-collar comedy, which stars James as deliveryman Doug Heffernan and Leah Remini as his secretary-wife, Carrie, was to air Monday night on CBS. The series ends next month.

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"It didn't really hit me until shooting the last episode, I gotta be honest," James said. "It was a nice milestone, the 200th episode, but it doesn't really affect you until you realize that you're not going to be seeing these people on a regular basis."

James said the series, which shows the Heffernans as they cope with life in the New York City borough of Queens, is relatable.

"We just had a magical combination in the way that we had everybody in the right place at the right time," James said. "It was a simple story, and for some reason, people identified with it."

Producers opted against any special anniversary theme for the 200th episode, in which the Heffernans find out how their best friends can afford a vacation home when they can't.

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